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A History of Healing

Cox Family Practice was formed in 2009 and opened the doors in January 2010! Our practice started in suite 27 with three exam rooms, 1,400-square-foot office space with Dr. Cox and 2 other staff members—a nurse and an office manager. By January 2011, Sally Davis, PA, was hired, and our offices were remodeled to add another exam room and a new laboratory.

Over the years, Cox Family Practice has continued to grow and add staffing to address our patients’ needs for top-quality medical care. Since day one, we have always worked very hard to provide everyone, who walks through our doors, with the services, guidance, and healthy recovery they expect from the best.

By January 2012, a second mid-level provider was added to accommodate our growing patient base.

By June 2012, Cox Family Practice had moved into Suite 28, a new 2,800-square-foot office space with 7 exam rooms, LAB, provider offices, and a break room. In 2014-2015 we again remodeled adding 3 more exam rooms for a total of 10 exam rooms. In 2017 we expanded back into include Suite 27 to allow a separate office for nurse visits and management. But whatever space we are in, whatever personnel we bring in, our primary goal “is, was, and always will be” is to make sure our patients enjoy coming to the Cox Family Practice, and to ensure that they leave healthy after receiving ideal medical care in our facilities.

Dr. Lawrence Perry joined us in 2017. He has been a longstanding provider of primary care in Randolph County and we were pleased when he chose to continue his career with Cox Family Practice.

In 2018, we had been approached by Moses Cone Hospital to join the Moses Cone Primary Care Division. After much thought and prayer, we chose to pursue this relationship. Overall, it has been a beneficial relationship for both Cox Family Practice and Moses Cone. Our patients have continued to come first and the high quality care which we provide has only continued to improve.

Many of us, patients and staff alike, who knew Andi Johnson, PA, were not surprised when in 12/2020, she retired to work part time in Florida with the goal of working at Disney World. She is truly a devoted Disney follower! Although we miss her, we wish her well in her new endeavor!

Shannon Heaton, NP will be joining us in 10/2021. She has trained with all of our providers over the last 2 years and we are excited about the great addition she will make to Cox Family Practice.
We are very pleased to have Dr. Lisa Corum helping us over the summer until Shannon Heaton, NP starts!

Language Services and Hearing Impairment

Cox Family Practice is dedicated toward providing strong access to care for all its patients, regardless of which language they speak. Language barriers and miscommunications, due to lack of understanding of different languages, can lead to errors and decrease the quality of care rendered.

To combat these issues, Dr. Cox speaks medical Spanish. Sally Davis, PA-C, speaks French and uses sign language to communicate with the hearing-impaired to provide a better medical experience.

staff member using laptop

Advanced Care Teams

Our RN’s are available by phone at their personal extensions to answer any questions you might have about the priority and severity of your conditions or illnesses.  If interested in chronic disease and weight management counseling, please inquire with our nurses.

Mental & Behavioral Wellness

Cox Family Practice provides mental healthcare for our patients. Having Co-Management agreements with these offices allows Cox Family Practice to communicate openly and effectively to provide all of our patients with the highest quality of care possible. Feel free to call our office with any questions, or concerns, regarding this avenue of care. We have co-management agreements with Daymark Recovery Services (336-633-7000) and with Asheboro Behavioral Medicine (336-625-2073).

Urgent Needs

If you are experiencing an immediate issue and we have no appointments available that day we request that you seek help at White Oak Urgent Care locations. Our Co-Management agreement with this facility allows open communication between our facility and Urgent Care so that we may facilitate in your continuity of treatment. Please request that any Urgent Care send records of your visit to your provider. For more information concerning our medical services, or to schedule an appointment, please call the Cox Family Practice at 336-629-6500.

  • Triad Health Network (ACO)
  • Founding Member of Piedmont Integrative Health
  • Member of Asheboro/Randolph County Chamber of Commerce
  • Better Business Bureau (A+ Rating)
  • Patient-Centered Medical Home Level III
  • Randolph County Readers’ Choice Award – Favorite Physician and Favorite Family Doctor

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