March is National Kidney Month

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March is National Kidney Month

Your kidneys play a huge role in making sure that you stay healthy. Since March is National Kidney Month we wanted to get you in the know on what your kidneys actually do.

The kidneys do so many things that keep us healthy and we don’t even realize it. Functions of the kidneys include filtering out waste from the blood, keeping fluid levels regulated, keeping blood pressure regulated and much, much more. Making sure that our kidneys stay healthy means that we are staying healthy.

If those hardworking kidneys are not kept healthy then kidney disease is likely to develop. Kidney disease can do a lot of damage and not just to your kidneys. Strokes, high blood pressure, kidney failure, nerve damage, and many more issues can arise if one has kidney disease. Each of these issues are serious and it is crazy to think that they can arise all because our kidneys are not functioning properly.

As with any other type of disease there are symptoms that you can be on the lookout for when it comes to kidney disease. Swelling can be a big indicator when it comes to kidney disease. The swelling usually occurs in the feet, hands, face, ankles, and abdomen. Another big indicator that something might be wrong with your kidneys is blood in the urine. Fatigue and increased thirst can also be signs that the kidneys are not functioning properly.

With all of those symptoms being mentioned, there are four big risk factors that play a role in the development of kidney disease. High blood pressure, age 60+, diabetes, and family history are all risk factors when it comes to developing kidney disease.

With diabetes the kidneys are unable to clean the blood properly as the result of injured blood vessels. This leads to salt and water back up in the kidneys. Family history is a big indicator as to whether or not kidney disease has an increased likelihood of happening to you. If there is a history of kidney disease within a family, then the likelihood of developing kidney disease increases for people in that family. High blood pressure that is not consistently managed has been known to be the second leading cause of kidney failure.

Making sure that every part of our bodies stay healthy, especially the kidneys, should be a top priority. Keeping those kidneys healthy will be beneficial to the rest of your body.


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