Child Car Seat Hazard

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Child Car Seat Hazard

We all want our children to be safe and healthy throughout the year, but did you know that there is one thing that a lot parents seem to do wrong during the winter? Your probably thinking, “I take every precaution that I know of to make sure that my child is safe” , but the one thing that a lot of parents get wrong in the winter is a simple thing. It all has to do with how your child is secured in their car seat. The car seat is an important tool for keeping young children safe when riding in a vehicle, but one simple mistake and make that car seat a danger.

That one simple mistake is putting a child in a car seat with their big winter coat on. The Today Show recently aired a segment about the dangers of putting a child in a car seat with their winter coat on and showed that it is a danger. Take a look at the video:


So next time you go to buckle your child into their car seat this winter, make sure that you remove their coat. Then use the coat as a blanket to keep them warm or keep a blanket in the car to use as well.


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