American Heart Month

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American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month and it is crucial that we all take care of our hearts. Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death among men and women? One in four people pass from heart disease every year and those rates are shocking. Heart disease can affect anyone and everyone, so it is key to take care of your heart.

Plaque buildup in the arteries is the most common problem that is associated with heart disease (also known as coronary heart disease). The arteries narrow as the plaque begins to build up and that in turn will lead to diminished blood flow. If blood cannot flow properly to your heart then several things run the risk of happen including a heart attack or a stroke. Aside from heart attack and stroke; heart valve problems, heart failure, and arrhythmia are also forms of heart disease.

It was mentioned earlier that 1 in 4 people pass from heart disease every year. Those numbers might scare you a little bit, but do not be alarmed. There are several ways that you can prevent heart disease and it all starts with taking care of your body. Eating healthy and staying active are two key ways to help keep not only your heart healthy, but also your body.

Managing your blood pressure as well as you blood sugar are also great ways to prevent heart disease. Another big preventative to heart disease is to not smoke. Smoking can cause all sorts of health issues aside from heart disease. Smoking can also get in the way of staying active because it has a negative effect on your lungs.

Knowing your family history is very important and we’re not talking about where you came from. We are talking about your family health history. If multiple people in your family have had heart disease, then your risk for developing heart disease rises. The same is true with any type of disease such as cancer or eye health problems. If you know that there is a history of heart disease in your family then that should give you all the more reason to try and prevent it.

Hearts are important to the human body and important in life. We need to be taking care of our hearts now, so that we can lower our risk of developing heart disease. To learn more about heart disease and other heart related issues, please visit the American Heart Association’s website:

All information is courtesy of the American Heart Association.


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